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Need For A Healthy Breakfast

Seven Reasons For A Healthy Breakfast

Paige Maier
You’ve heard it time and time again; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But with knowing that, why is it that so many people still leave the house each morning without a morsel in their mouth?
Maybe it’s because they’re chronic alarm clock snoozers and consider themselves lucky to get a quick shower and cup of coffee before racing out the door. Maybe it’s because they believe that skipping breakfast will help them to reach their weight loss goal or that they can simply make up for the missed calories by eating more later on in the day. The truth is, however, breakfast has been dubbed a crucial eating time for a reason (many in fact), and foregoing it can have some serious consequences. So just why is it so important? Here are seven powerful reasons to start incorporating healthy plant-based recipes into your (every) morning routine.
It wakes up your system Breakfast is especially important because after a long night's sleep the body is low on all of the nutrients that keep us going like protein, vitamins and minerals. Our body is just waking up from a mild fasting state, hence the name break + fast (light bulb!), so a nourishing meal is the best way to restart the system.
It gives you an energy boost Similar to a car, we can’t run on empty. Consuming nothing from dinner the night before to lunch the next day will ultimately leave us doing just that. We must refill our tank! Food is our fuel and is what will give us enough energy to stay active until the next meal comes.
It fuels your brain Coming up with ideas or solutions can serve to be super difficult if our mind hasn’t woken up properly yet. The early morning and afternoon hours are often our most productive, but that all can be lost if we skip breakfast. Just as the first meal of the day kick starts our body processes, it does for the brain, too.
It keeps cravings at bay Eating a hearty breakfast can help us to avoid the temptation of snacking on likely unhealthy foods throughout the day. It can also help us to not overeat at later meals. Remember that each healthy decision has the power to provoke one after another, so why not start out on the right foot?
It helps you keep a healthy weight A healthy breakfast can actually help us to maintain a healthy body weight. How? Breakfast can ignite our metabolism, balance calories throughout the day and ensure that we have enough energy for the body to get the physical activity it needs.
It makes you happier (yes, even on a MONDAY) What we eat and when we eat can play a huge role in how we feel. The food we consume directly affects the structure and function of the brain and therefore ultimately our mood. Think back to how you felt after a large, glutinous meal (likely tired and lethargic) or how you felt after a healthy juice or piece of fruit (likely energized and refreshed).
It tastes great! This may be the most convincing reason yet. When we branch out beyond the frozen waffles and boxed bars, you’ll find that there are SO many breakfast options out there- both sweet and savory. And with so many delicious choices on the table (literally), you're sure to find something to satisfy your day-to-day cravings.
What to eat? So you’re finally on board with breakfast. Now what? It’s important to note that one of sugar-laden, cartoon-shaped cereal does not deserve the same applause as, say, a hearty superfood tofu scramble does. In fact, it doesn’t really deserve much kudos at all. This is because a sugary start to the day can have the same negative consequences as skipping breakfast all together can. So instead, combine nutrient-rich foods that will support and enhance each other to give you lasting energy and mental clarity throughout the day.
Tips for the best breakfast:
  • If you’re simply not much of a ‘breakfast person’, keep it light and simple- toast, fruit, etc.
  • Short on time? Consider a smoothie, meal replacement shake or something you can take on-the-go. If necessary, do some meal prep the night before.
  • Try to include a variety of healthy fats, fruits, veggies and protein.
  • Remember, having something is much better than nothing at all.
Though it may take a bit of time, making it a habit to eat a well-rounded breakfast now can have results that last a lifetime.