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Will Protein Make Me Gain Weight?

How To Use Protein for Weight Loss

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The age old question that frequently has people buzzing, “Will protein make me gain weight?”. As we all have been mistified with stories about only body builders using protein, that could not be further from the truth.
Protein is an essential element for our bodies, and as we may all require a certain amount - some less/ more than others - we all certainly need it! It has several important functions, it aids in cell growth, hormonal regulation, and the production of essential amino acids to help muscle repair. As protein can be used as a bulking aid, it can also facilitate weight loss when used correctly. Whatever your fitness goals, there are many reasons to become a believer.
Truth 1 High protein foods do not have to make you gain weight.
If chosen wisely, picking the right protein rich foods can actually help you shed weight, and become leaner. Be wary of your fat consumption, and your numbers on the scale are likely to drop! Weight loss, and weight gain, can be planned according to simple math. When appointing a specific target, you need to either burn more calories than you take in or vice versa. As each gram of protein contains 4 calories, simple multiplication can help you come up with how much exercise you will be required to do.

Using protein for weight loss, and weight gain, directly relies on your amount of protein and calorie intake. Since each gram of protein contains 4 calories, you can easily determine the amount of calories you need to burn.

Truth 2 Protein alone will not make you bulky.
As it is an important part in a body builder’s process, it plays a small role in doing so. It takes hours of training, and immense discipline in order to obtain that type of physique.
Truth 3 Protein aids in hunger control, thus promoting weight loss.
Appetite suppressants often fly off the shelves! However, consuming protein - even in small amounts - at every meal can help you stay fuller longer. So instead of binging on 100-calorie snacks, and nutrient lacking dishes, you can bring protein into play and eat bountifully without being concerned about snacking later. Thus, supplying your body with many more nutrients!
Truth 4 Consuming protein is an essential part in any fitness endeavor.
Consumption need not only be related to weight training, but also cardio training. Endurance athletes often require more, in fact. While you are rapidly burning high amounts of calories, muscles are broken down and need to be rebuilt. Protein can help aid in this process to keep you looking lean, and toned.
Truth 5 Protein can be found in many natural vegan foods.
Meat and whey are often marketed as the foods containing the most. However, there are many options that are vegan! Nuts, veggies, beans, and grains have mass amounts of protein that will make you energized rather than weigh you down.
Overall, protein consumed in moderation can help promote an overall healthier and happier you! While you may be adding a few more calories to your overall caloric intake by incorporating it into your diet, it will also help you burn fat more efficiently. Everything in moderation. Research to see how much protein you require in order to achieve your own personal goal.
Author Credit: Rachel Hartman Photo Credit: livestrong.com