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How To Build Muscle

How are Muscles Built?

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If there is one word that could best describe the process of muscle building, it would be adaptation. But in order to better understand how our muscles work in order to rebuild themselves and grow, we first need to address some misconceptions about this process.
To start, many people think that muscles build slowly over time if one takes the right foods, and that they do so just growing the same way a plant grows if you provide them with pure water. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if all one does is to simply take supplements and nothing else, all he or she will achieve is to get fat fast.Another myth that many people believe, is that exercising alone will result in the perfect body. Now, while it is true to some extent that a good exercise routine can definitely help shaping up the body, if it is not complemented by the right balance of nutrients and vitamins, the intended results will never be achieved, or will take several times longer to do so at best. So, if neither a balanced nutrient intake nor an exercise regime alone can build muscles successfully, then what will it take to do it? The answer is both, and even then in a way that will result surprising to most people.

How are Muscles Built?

As has been said above, muscles are not built in a passive way and, if performing any kind of activity like exercising, they can be easily damaged. Considering this, the only way to build muscles effectively and fast is by combining both a balanced nutrient intake with a disciplined exercising regime. However, and surprisingly so, one needs to first “damage” the muscles in order for them to grow and rebuild themselves in an effective way. This is how it works: when exercising intensively, the activity causes micro tearing on some muscles. In return, the body responds quite efficiently by first repairing the damaged tissue and then by adding some additional tissue in order to prevent future tearing. And it manages to do that by using amino acids, the most important component of proteins and which is essential for restoring damaged tissue in the body. As a result, the body builds muscles that are not only bigger in volume, but that are also stronger and more resistant.

The Importance of Protein

For all of what has been mentioned above, the importance of protein both before and after a work out cannot be underestimated. In fact, taken in reasonable amounts before exercising, proteins ensure that muscles are better prepared for the impact of working out, while taking proteins after exercising secures that essential source of amino acids that muscles will require to rebuild themselves. For all of this, anyone seriously considering exercising or bodybuilding, should definitely include a source of natural protein (the more natural the protein, the better it will be absorbed) in regime. This will not only ensure a proper recovery after working out, but it will also help losing weight or building a great body in far less time. Epic Protein provides not only a complete chain of amino acids, the building blocks of protein (which help repair torn muscles) but also a nice ratio of BCAAs. These specific amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) are essential for increased stamina, endurance and quick muscle recovery. Epic is able to be a great fuel for muscles without harsh chemicals, fake sweeteners and animal-derived-allergy-producing protein.