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Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao: the "Food of the Gods"

Sprout Living
The ancient Aztecs and Mayans considered cacao a sacred plant. Priests offered the plant's beans up to the gods in tribute and included cacao drinks in religious ceremonies. Captured territories were often required to surrender portions of their cacao crop as a sort of tax; they so valued the bean that they occasionally would use it as currency. It is said that a whole turkey could cost a hundred beans. The Aztecs and Mayans may not have been a scientifically advanced society, but they didn't need to be to recognize the value of this amazing plant!
Cacao beans have a high quantity of flavonoids, which can be beneficial to your heart health. Flavonoids decrease bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol and even lower blood pressure. Diabetes sufferers are often prescribed cacao, because regular consumption of flavonoids improves the strength and health of blood vessels. Unhealthy blood vessels are the leading cause of heart problems in diabetics. Cacao is also rich in Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Manganese and Zinc. Flavonoids,vitamins and minerals tend to disintegrate when cooked, but our raw protein powders never reach temperatures high enough to kill nutrients, period! Pure cacao can be found in our Epic Protein : Chocolate Maca!