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Brown Rice Complete Protein

Is Brown Rice A Complete Protein?

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Most of us already know that it is absolutely possible to fully fuel and nourish the body on a vegetarian or vegan diet. But not all of us know that our bodies need “complete proteins” in order to flourish and maximize their potential.
First of all, some of you may be asking – what is a complete protein? Well, to answer that question, we must first look at amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and they are used by the body to support the metabolism. There are two types of amino acids – 11 of them are “non-essential” amino acids (which can be produced by the body) and 9 are “essential” amino acids (which cannot). A complete protein provides all of the essential amino acids in perfect proportions to nurture and support the body.
Making sure to include complete proteins is fundamental for good health. Provided with all essential amino acids on a regular basis, the body will be able to maximize protein synthesis, increase muscle mass, maintain endurance during exercise and speed up recovery after exercise. Complete proteins also support the development of lean body tissue and the regeneration and growth of muscle. Check out our helpful infographics for more information on how the consumption of complete proteins helps make our bodies strong and able.
Meat lovers of the world will be quick to tell you that animal protein is a complete protein - and they would be completely right. But what many carnivores don’t know is that getting all the essential amino acids from plants is an even healthier option. And consuming sprouted brown rice protein is a great way to get complete protein in your diet.
Submerging the husk of the brown rice kernel in water allows it to sprout in a natural way that preserves its nutrients and completes the amino acid profile by increasing the content of Lysine, to make a comprehensive/complete protein. This process of sprouting the rice not only completes the protein, but also increases its digestibility.
Another important factor to consider is bioavailability, which refers to the rate at which the amino acids are absorbed into the body. Sprouted brown rice protein has a much higher level of bioavailability than regular brown rice.
Even if you already adore the many benefits of sprouted brown rice protein, you probably want a varied diet with lots of options. A few other sources of complete protein that vegetarians and vegans can use to supplement their diet with include blue green algae, quinoa and chia seeds.
Looking at this wealth of research, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to eat animal products in order to get their share of complete proteins. By balancing a healthy diet of plant superfoods and brown rice protein, vegans and vegetarians will be fully fueled and even healthier than meat-eaters.
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