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Health Benefits of Going Vegan

The Health Benefits of Going Vegan

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Not long ago, the idea of following a vegan diet was considered extreme and quite impractical. Even today, of all the diets advocated by health experts, veganism is often seen as the most intimidating. However, each year, more and more individuals around the globe are making the decision to go fully plant-based. And for good reason, too. Why? There’s a long list of fantastic ways in which veganism can improve our lives and the lives of others. On top of incredible health benefits of going vegan, you'll also help toward a major reduction of our carbon footprint, ultimately leading to less stress on the environment.

No matter the leading interest in choosing to go vegan, eating a plant-based diet makes sense on all levels- for the planet, animals and your health.

A vegan diet can be one of the healthiest ways to live, and this can be true for anyone, including children, pregnant women and the elderly. Contrary to what many meat-eaters have been misled to believe, there is actually little risk of nutrient deficiencies in a well-planned vegan diet. Vegans eat a rich regimen full of colorful fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains that can be both delicious and satisfying. With an increased peak of interest in the lifestyle, there are a ton of resources available for learning about why more people are making the switch and how you can, too.
Here are a few of the main, among many, benefits of veganism for health:

A vegan diet...

...is more nutritious. A vegan diet puts a primary emphasis on fruit, vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed foods that are as close as possible to their natural state. This of course results in loads of minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients reaching the body.
...helps fight disease. One of the major health benefits of being vegan involves a reduced risk of several diseases. This includes diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, among many others. A plant-based diet also helps to improve overall bone health, cardiovascular health, reduce obesity and has a plethora of anti-aging properties.
...helps you maintain a healthy weight. A proper vegan diet can supply enough protein, fiber, complex carbs and healthy fats needed in order to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, eating nutritious whole foods will give you the energy to get up and get moving.
...helps prevent inflammation. Inflammation is a response that occurs in the body when cells signal damage caused by something foreign. There are a bevy of plant-based foods that help your body heal and repair itself naturally. Preventing and staying ahead of inflammation can keep you flexible, strong and help to maintain healthy blood flow, which is incredibly important to overall well-being.
...helps to aid in healthy digestion. A vegan diet is typically much higher in fiber compared to other diets, and is therefore easier for the body to digest. Red meat, dairy and eggs, for example, can bog down the digestive tract for days, while the passage time for most plant-based foods is only 6-8 hours.
...gives you more energy. Saturated fats, refined sugars and other non plant-based foods that make up traditional diets can make one feel sluggish. Since vegans have a lower intake of these items and replace them with much healthier options, they often experience a distinct increase in energy levels. Do a quick Google search of how many athletes report better performance after going vegan as further proof (Griff Whalen, Rich Roll, etc).
Meat-eaters will never stop asking and vegans will continuously grow tired of being bombarded with questions about where they get their protein. The notion of plant-based diets lacking in sufficient protein is certainly a misconceived one, however. It’s actually very easy for a vegan diet to meet the daily recommendations for protein.
There are so many options! In fact, nearly all vegetables, grains, beans, seeds and nuts contain some, and often quite a bit, of protein. Therefore, vegans eating varied diets containing these items rarely have any difficulty getting enough in their meals.
However, if you do think you could use a little extra protein in your diet or are having trouble finding different options that please you, then give vegan protein powder a try. Plant-based protein powders are a versatile, convenient and tasty way to help you increase your intake of top-quality protein to support optimal health.
Browse our wide selection of organic vegan protein blends (that are also raw, organic, non-gmo and gluten free), and be sure to check out our recipe section for a plethora of fantastic vegan recipes and inspiration. Happy and healthy eating!