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Benefits of Kale

Benefits of Kale - What Kale Can Do For You!

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For many Americans, kale is something that’s far from a dietary staple. In fact, many of us wouldn’t even recognize kale if we saw it on our own plate. However, there is ample reason to consider making this important food a regular part of your diet. The health advantages afforded by kale are numerous, and include lower cholesterol, decreased risk of cancer, relief for arthritis and more. And by consuming kale in its sprout form, you can maximize those nutritional benefits.

What is Kale?

For those who are not familiar with this terrific, highly advantageous food, kale is a form of cabbage, and that’s basically how it looks—it is leafy and green. Many say that is resembles collard greens as the two are similar in more ways than one. Kale tends to have a bitter taste, which is why many people cook it before consumption. However, from a health standpoint, this may not be the best way to enjoy your kale as heat can kill nutrients. So try eating it in sprout form instead! If you are not familiar with the concept of sprouting, here is a brief overview: sprouting refers to a dietary choice to consume vegetables while they are still in their sprout form—that is, to eat kale as a sprout instead of in the leafy, cabbage-like form we are more familiar with. The benefit to sprouting is that, when these vegetables are in their sprout form, they tend to be even richer in nutrients.

Benefits of Kale

The health benefits offered by kale are truly numerous, and even more so when you eat it in its sprout form. There is evidence to suggest that kale can lower the cholesterol. It is also rich in nutrients that fight cancer. Kale is high in antioxidants, and it is also rich in vitamin K and in anti-inflammatory agents, both of which can offer relief from arthritis. There is reason to believe kale promotes liver and prostate health, too.

Getting Kale

The trouble with kale is simply getting access to it; kale sprouts might be hard to come by, and you might not care for the taste of them. An alternative approach, and one that offers all the same health benefits, is to try kale sprout powders! These products provide a great way of benefiting from freshly freeze-dried kale sprout powder and boosting your health, the clean and organic way.
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