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Foods to Reduce Inflammation and Strengthen the Immune System

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Did you know that you can greatly reduce inflammation and boost your immune system by simply incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods and beverages into your diet? It’s true. Not sure which way to steer your shopping cart (or which items to “add to cart” ;))? Before we get into that, let’s take a quick dive into what inflammation is and what causes it.
Simply put, inflammation is the body’s natural response to harmful injuries or irritants. Think germs, bacteria, chemicals or quite literally something physical like a splinter, for example. Unfortunately, sometimes it persists even when threatened by a foreign invader. When inflammation occurs, the immune system releases various substances that cause blood vessels to widen, allowing more blood to reach the affected area and thus let the healing process begin.
This response plays a critical role in overall immunity and can be detrimental if it occurs too often or for too long. Chronic inflammation can suppress the defense system, leaving it weak and more at risk. By including foods to reduce inflammation in your diet you can ultimately save a little wear and tear on all bodily systems. This is particularly important if you suffer from any type of autoimmune disease, diabetes or heart condition.
Which brings us back to the grocery store...
Anti-inflammatory foods A few foods to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system:
    1. Tomatoes
    2. Olive oil
    3. Ginger
    4. Green leafy vegetables: spinach, kale, collard greens
    5. Nuts and Seeds: almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds
    6. Fruits: strawberries, blueberries apples, and oranges
Inflammatory foods On the other hand, a few foods commonly recognized for inflammation are:
  1. Fried foods
  2. Soda
  3. Refined carbs
  4. Lard
  5. Processed meat
Food truly is nature's medicine and can help to heal our bodies when utilized properly. In fact, studies show that anti-inflammatory foods not only fight inflammation and boost the immune system but have noticeable positive effects on physical and emotional health as well. Our favorite way to incorporate lots of the goodies on this list of foods to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system? Smoothies of course! And don’t forget to add in a scoop or two of our Epic Protein for an extra serving of protein and powerful superfoods.