We never use gums, artificial or "natural" flavoring or additives. Read about what makes us different.

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Packed with powerful superfoods, adaptogens & herbs and spices.

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Benefits of daily use (just a few)

Personalised meal plans delivered directly to your doorstep.


Protein prevents muscle breakdown and also helps promote muscle grown and recovery after exercise.


Protein is by far the most filling macronutrient and can help you feel more full for longer — with less food.


Protein can increase metabolic rate by up to 15–30%, leading the body to burn calories more quickly.


Protein provides the body with the building blocks (amino acids) needed to make hormones and keep them in check.

Two scoops. Once a day. Every day.

Shake Up With Water

Add a serving to 8-12 ounces of your water or your favorite milk. Use a shaker bottle for smooth consistency every time!

Blend Into Smoothies

Add a serving to your favorite smoothie recipe(s). With 8 varieties, you'll never find yourself in blender boredom.

Stir Into Oatmeal

Add a serving to your oatmeal or overnight oats. The flavor combinations are endless.

Add To Baked Goods

Add a serving to your favorite homemade snacks and baked goods. Check out our Recipes section for inspiration.

Try them all!

All Epic Proteins without all the decision making

Epic Protein Full Sample Kit

4.9 / 5 out of 1,000+ reviews

• 8 different flavors & functions included - 15% OFF

Includes: Original, Vanilla Lucuma, Chocolate Maca, Green Kingdom, Pro Collagen, Mindful Matcha, Real Sport & Complete Coffee.

• Plant protein + superfoods + adaptogens + nootropics

More than just a protein powder. Epic Protein Mindful Matcha, for example, provides protein AND brain-boosting nootropics for focus, clarity and memory.

• Versatile, delicious & powerful

Shake up with water or add to smoothies, oatmeal and more. Smooth & creamy with no ‘fake’ sweetness or aftertaste.

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Free next day delivery

No freezing or defrosting

Certified carbon neutral

Recyclable packaging

Free next day delivery

No freezing or defrosting

Certified carbon neutral

Recyclable packaging

Health improvements


Report a less smelly litter box


Report shinier and softer fur


Report health improvements

within one month

Keeping it Real

We've been keeping it "real" before it was ever the "cool" thing to do in the wellness world. All of our products use ONLY real whole superfoods, adaptogens, fruits, veggies, mushrooms, herbs and spices - because they give real flavor and, most importantly, real functional benefits.

Multipurpose blends.

This is what makes our blends multi-functional - beyond your standard protein powder. Every ingredient is good for the body and serves a purpose. No nutritionally-void fillers. The result is a simplified health routine - less capsules and gummies and single-ingredient powders. We've got everything you need right here.

No bloat. All benefit.

Taste and feel the difference of unique, nutrient-dense formulations full of superfoods and adaptogens with no gums, thickeners, natural "flavoring" or fillers. Formulated to be easy on the digestive system, you can say goodbye to bloating and discomfort.

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FREE shipping on all Sample Kits

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A cleaner "clean" + multifunctional protein

Free of "flavoring"

Free of gums


Made with superfoods

Other plant proteins

Free of "flavoring"

Free of gums


Made with superfoods

Other plant proteins

Recommended by top health experts & publications

What’s on the menu

Cats thrive on real meat. That’s why all of our meals are crafted with whole meat that mirrors their natural diet.


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