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Jeff Jendryk

Jeff Jendryk playing volleyball

Jeff Jendryk is a Professional Volleyball Player currently playing middle blocker for Berlin Recycling Volleys. This is his first year playing professionally. However, he also plays for the USA National Team during the summers where he has been playing for them since 2017. During his first year, he has help led the USA team to a fourth place finish in World League. In 2018, Jeff has helped Team USA getting a Bronze Medal at the inaugural edition of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Nations League. During this year, Jeff has helped Team USA get another Bronze Medal in World Championships. His next goal is to get a Gold Medal in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Jeff Jendryk graduated from Loyola University of Chicago in 2018 with a Finance degree. During his 4 years in college he was an four time All-American, received AVCA Newcomer of the year, and received Most Outstanding Player of the National Championship in 2015 as well as winning the National Championship.

Jeff Jendryk has been living a healthy and balanced lifestyle where he is currently in Berlin, Germany. He is loving his time there with his teammates and is battling for the German Cup. He enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring Berlin while he continues to learn German. You can find him on Instagram @Jjendryk21

Athletes are always trying to become better, faster, stronger and to be better than their competition. One edge that you can have on your competition is your healthy diet.


  • Won a bronze medal with the 2018 U.S. Men’s National Team
  • Four time All-American at Loyola University of Chicago
  • Received AVCA Newcomer of the year
  • Received Most Outstanding Player of the National Championship in 2015

Get To Know Me

What motivated you to pursue a healthy/balanced lifestyle?

What motivates me to pursue a healthy balanced lifestyle is that athletes are always trying to get the most out of their performances. To be able to perform better we need to eat healthy. Athletes are always trying to become better, faster, stronger and to be better than their competition. One edge that you can have on your competition is your healthy diet.

How do you like to start each day?

I like to start off my day by having a big breakfast and to start playing some music to get me ready for the morning practice or workout. During this time I love to watch the sunrise out of my balcony because it reminds me to stay thankful for the life I live. This brings me happiness and I am then ready to bring happiness to others.

How do you like to end each day?

I like to end each day by doing yoga and stretching. During this time I am watching different yoga videos on youtube to cater my needs of how my body is feeling that day. I like stretching before I sleep because it helps your body to relax before you sleep and you often get better sleep because of it but also it helps me stay flexible.

How do you stay motivated? Any tips for our readers?

There are definitely times where it is hard to stay motivated. We all have faced hard times but I think what helps me the most is to first recognized that I lost my path. Secondly, I think about all the hard work I put in already. Lastly, I think about how it would be a waste to stop now. I have room to grow and I won’t let external or maybe internal forces stop me.

Why is protein such an important part of your diet?

Protein is such an important part of my diet because as a professional volleyball athlete after having a workout, practice, or playing in a game my body needs to repair muscle that I used. Protein helps repair but also builds muscle. I rely on having protein in my diet so I can recover for the next day of hard work and to get better at my profession.

What’s your favorite Sprout Living product and Why?

My favorite Sprout Living product is the 3 types of drinkable oats that you offer. These are my favorite because they work perfectly for an after practice or after a workout replenishment of protein and calories. I like them so much because of the taste, the amount of protein you get from them, and how portable they are to bring with you. I travel weekly to play against teams from other countries and I am always trying to bring products that I will be able to fit in my bags. The drinkable oats products from Sprout Living is definitely one of the products that I bring with me wherever I travel. I can have them for breakfast, after a practice, after a workout, or even before I head to bed.

Tell us a bit more about your journey with volleyball? What’s next for you?

I have been playing volleyball since I have been 16 and since I have started to play I have become in love with the sport. I have worked my way up in the USA Pipeline and now I have been playing with the USA National Team for 2 years. I am one of the younger players in the gym who has a good shot at making it to the next olympics in Tokyo in 2020. My goal right now is to make it to the olympics and to win a gold medal. This is my dream and I will try my hardest to get there. I am currently playing my first professional year in Berlin, Germany with Berlin Recycling Volleys. During this time in Europe I am working on getting better but to also win the German Championship Cup.