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What is Flax?

Originating in Mesopotamia, and utilized as medicine since time immemorial, flax has a storied history. Remnants of flax have been found in Stone Age dwellings, but it was the ancient Greeks who recorded the first culinary use of the flax plant. During the Middle Ages, flax was thought to protect against sorcery. As the centuries passed, the use of flax shifted from medicinal to culinary – and in the 1800s, production of flax moved west to North America.

Benefits of Flax

Flax seeds are high in fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, omega-3 fatty acids and healthy phytochemicals. They also contain elevated levels of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which contribute to lowering cholesterol. Flax seeds are anti-inflammatory and studies show that they have important health benefits:

  • Promote bone health
  • Help reduce blood pressure

Flax can be found in: