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Dear Mark, I wanted to commend you on a product that far outreached my expectations for a raw, vegan rice protein powder. You used whole grain brown rice protein powder-making it a complete protein (unlike many "rice protein powders")! Next I saw you were CERTIFIED organic, not a norm for very many protein powders - ah, no chemical, synthetics or other fillers. As a physique athlete I've been frustrated with the industries lack of what I considered more healthful alternative protein sources. Working with a variety of athletes has allowed me to become accustom to a wider variety of ethnic cuisine, diverse nutritional needs depending on their sport, many food allergies resulting in dietary restrictions and well to say the least it has opened my own eyes to what I put in my body! I was so fortunate to make your acquaintance along my journey and even more lucky to receive samples of your protein powder to distribute to my athletes and try myself. We have been thrilled with the muscle building, amino rich product. Myself I love to use it as a part of a post workout meal mixed with frozen cherries or it's a delicious smoothie with frozen banana and sunflower butter. Thanks for making such a over the top food, it now has a shelf in my pantry - it's a staple in my nutritional plan!
Stacy Stengel - ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist IPPA Certified Physique Specialist Promoter for the Great North Contest and Midwest Championships | Owner SASsygirlfitness.com (Coming Soon!)
I was given a sample of Epic Protein powder while at the Fitness America Great North competition. Having tried many different protein powders - I was very impressed with the fact that it's a certified organic protein powder. It contains only 110 calories (when mixed with water), 5 carbs, 19 grams of protein and zero sugar! It mixes up very nicely - making it the perfect pre-workout snack!
Melissa Stevens, Maple Grove, MN | Figure Competitor