We never use gums, artificial or "natural" flavoring or additives. Read about what makes us different.

5 Reasons Why People Love Epic Protein blends

Sprout Living's Epic Protein blends have been selling out like crazy (especially fan favorites like Chocolate Maca and Pro Collagen). Here's the scoop as to why:

1. They're multi-functional

Epic Protein blend are way more than just protein powders. One scoop delivers powerful plant-based protein, superfoods, adaptogens, herbs & spices and even nootropics. Epic Protein Pro Collagen, for example, provides protein AND collagen-boosting ingredients to support hair, skin and nail health.

2. They're squeaky clean

Epic Protein blends check all of the right boxes. They're certified organic, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free and kosher. Inside you'll find ONLY real whole food ingredients and never any artificial "flavoring", gums, fillers, additives or preservatives like many others on the market use.

3. They're third-party tested

Epic Protein blends are trusted, recommended and loved by dietitians, athletes, celebrities (we see you Zac Efron) and everyone in between. Like all Sprout Living products, every ingredient and every batch is third-party tested to ensure maximum safety, quality and efficacy .

4. They're super versatile

Epic Protein blends are fantastic just shaken up with cold water, but they can also be added as a boost to smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, baked into snacks or used as a replacement to a morning cup of coffee or matcha. Lots of great inspiration can be found on the Recipes section on their website.

5. They're insanely delicious

Epic Protein blends are delicious. Since they're made with only whole food ingredients, they avoid the "fake" sweetness that many others on the market tend to have and instead offer robust and unique flavor profiles. Eight varieties means you'll never find yourself in blender boredom.


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