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Yoga For Work Life

Yoga for Your (Work) Life

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Our professional success comes from many different facets in our lives. Most attribute it to the status of their personal life, while others may simply relate it to their skill set. Whichever may be the cause pushing you forward, there is always ways we can help further our careers. You can spend on extra classes to help further your business knowledge, or perhaps you can finally take that client out to dinner. However, there is a much more simplistic way that you can take your work week from 0-100 without costing you anything: Yoga!
Yoga can benefit your life in numerous ways! As we often identify yoga with exercise, it’s benefits greatly outshine that single category. In relation to your professional success, here are a few ways that practicing yoga can take you to the next level.
Improved Posture Poor posture can not only cause joint pain, it can also cause immense fatigue. Yoga poses centered around stretching the neck, and strengthening your back, can help you to improve your posture. Thus, becoming more alert throughout your busy workday.
Increases blood flow Practicing yoga encourages blood flow, and in so increasing circulation you allow oxygenated blood to reach your entire body. This process alone can help alleviate stress and increase relaxation. In turn, this will help you stay focused on your day.

Improved posture and increased blood flow encourage you to become more alert and help you stay focused throughout the day.

Promotes sounder sleep Stimulation during your work week is good; however, over stimulating yourself can lead to exhaustion quickly and can often wreak havoc on your nervous system. You can find relief from this through restorative yoga and meditation. These methods can help you wind down quicker. By aiding in achieving a deeper sleep, you can be less tired and can avoid accidents during the day.
Helps you serve others Not defined as merely an exercise, yoga also has an innate philosophy with it. While yoga will not make you inclined to help those around you, the integrity behind the practice can enlighten you to be more aware of your surroundings. As many jobs require a great deal of customer service, this can bring many skills to your table while increasing your awareness for the needs of those around you.
Encourages Placebo Effect to affect change The Placebo Effect is defined as the result of something being dependent on one’s belief. So simply – if you believe, it will be. With Yoga’s synchronicity and mantras, it can facilitate positive thinking! Quite frequently, when we find ourselves stepping into the work week with a positive attitude, we reap positive results.
Practicing for a mere 15 minutes a day can greatly improve your day to day life in more ways than one. When it comes to your professional presence, it all can conclusively boil down to your self-esteem. Each example offers effectiveness in becoming more confident, aware, and calm – attaining a peace of mind. Within your work space, achieving this mentality is our main benefactor for remaining productive.
Author Credit: Rachel Hartman