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Nia Grant

Nia Grant posing for a picture

Nia Grant is a professional volleyball player in Potsdam, Germany. She is now playing her 4th year abroad, but previously attended The Pennsylvania State University, where she was an All-American, a member of the B1G all-conference team, won 2 national titles and excelled academically with the Nittany Lions.

Nia tried a plant based diet about 1.5 years ago. She loves trying new recipes and encourages people to live a more plant and holistic lifestyle. You can find her on instagram at @niabia7 , snapchat at niabia777 and twitter at @NiaIsAmazing7.

Going plant based has actually made it so much easier to keep healthy vitals and get balanced nutrition across the board.

Get To Know Me

What motivated you to pursue a healthy/balanced lifestyle?

I wanted to try something that could take my athleticism to the next level. A lot of people that I knew who were professionals and olympians alike had converted and told me that it was the best thing that they could have ever done. So after a few failed attempts, I decided to seriously give it a go!

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Always pizza and pancakes. Without question.

How do you like to start each day?

I like to start my day with a little meditation. I wake up and always say my prayers, as long as I haven’t overslept. Have a little oatmeal and head out to practice!

How do you like to end each day?

Being overseas, I prefer to end my day on facetime with friends or family.

How do you stay motivated? Any tips for our readers?

I stay motivated by making sure I have my focus on multiple things so I’m not burned out. Right now, I am trying to start my own camp line and learn French. So aside from volleyball, I have some fresh things that make me excited for things outside of the gym!

Why is protein such an important part of your diet?

Protein is so important, because with minimum 2 trainings per day, my muscles need it to repair themselves constantly. Going plant based has actually made it so much easier to keep healthy vitals and get balanced nutrition across the board.

What’s your favorite Sprout Living product and Why?

My favorite right now has to be the Green Kingdom EPIC plant based protein!

Tell us a bit more about your journey with volleyball? What’s next for you?

My journey with volleyball has been amazing! I am truly so blessed to have had so many experiences and to have met so many incredible people throughout my journey. Not being sure how many more years I will continue to play, I plan on going back for training to become an Air Traffic Controller within the next few years.