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I am a mother who has been searching for a vegan protein powder that my kids would actually eat without throwing a tantrum. I finally found it! The Epic Vanilla powder is so smooth and nice - everyone loves it and no one asks :p What a life saver! Tammy Osbourne - Alameda, CA I actually found out about Epic through my brother’s vegan girlfriend. I lift weights everyday and was worried that being a vegan would mean muscle lose. After working out with taking this protein, I'm super tone and have grown mad muscle. By far the best protein I have had and good to stay true to my diet. Doug Boyle - Fresno, CA Summer = I TOTALLY freak. I was looking for an organic low calorie protein powder and brown rice protein looked like the best choice. I went through a bunch and almost quit before I had Epic. I picked up a sample at Erewhon Natural Foods, absolutely loved it and bought one of each right then! My favorite is Chocolate Maca, I put it in EVERYTHING. Thanks Sprout Living :) :) Amanda Hutton - Los Angeles, CA Thanks guys for such amazing customer service! I am a handful sometimes and couldn’t believe how patient and helpful you were with me the whole time we were on the phone. We finally felt that Sproutein was the right one for us. Thanks for your patience Mark! Cheryl Beryl - Poughkeepsie, NY I have been transitioning into a raw vegan lifestyle after experiencing several health issues this past year. The other greens powders I tried at the store kind of suck. Sproutein will make this change much easier for me. I can actually drink it without holding my nose. Will order Epic next time too - thanks guys. Uri Gorodetsky - Brooklyn, NY Thanks for the freaky fast shipping. All 4 came in time for the weekend and thanks for the extra samples! Will order again 100%. Mallory Garrett - Bend, OR I have been eating Sproutein for almost 2 years now and just had to try Epic Protein too. I'm so sure it will be another amazing product. Alex D - Santa Monica, CA Finally got my husband to stop complaining about drinking his smoothies! The vanilla Epic is delicious and not chalky at all like the other powders we have tried from the store. We definitely will be trying the chocolate once we finish this bottle :) Maria Cobb- NY, NY Thanks for great customer service, never fails. Frankie - Orlando, FL I can’t stop eating the Chocolate and Vanilla. Come out with more flavors, greens maybe?. PLEASE Sprout Living! Sarah Dale - Asheville, NC Just wanted to say thanks for your PATIENCE lol! I know I talk forever and keep you on the phone but I'm just so excited about this protein because I know the amazing benefits I'm getting from it! Katrina K - Charlotte, NC I'm a college student and my roommates and I go to the gym everyday. I try to keep a clean lifestyle but always end up getting some crappy protein shake with them (don't ask). Finally, they started to make protein shakes at home (to save money) so then I did too. I used hemp for a while but found that I stayed sore for days after my workout. I didn't want to use whey or soy again so I googled best vegan protein and found brown rice which eventually led me to Epic. It's the coolest and best tasting brown rice protein I could find. I seriously never write feedback but I am now totally kicking ass and have grown even stronger than my roommates. So now we all now drink it. You can put this on your website or something ;) JP White - Medford, MA Thanks so much for making an awesome protein powder and for certifying it kosher!!!! Your Epic powder is the only protein powder I have tried that actually makes me feel good - I can really feel the difference from this and other protein powders that made me feel sluggish. I feel energized after having Epic - and if it hadn't been certified kosher, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it! I also appreciate that it has 19 grams of protein and only 7 grams of carbs. The ingredients are awesome, too - all the things that I use in my own kitchen: lucuma, mesquite, yacon and whole vanilla bean. Such a pure and great-tasting blend! Thanks again for making an amazing product and for certifying it so that people who keep kosher can enjoy it. I will happily spread the word in the Orthodox Jewish community here in Los Angeles - as well as to my friends in NY and Chicago - that this is an excellent product with kosher certification. I will also ask Erewhon to consider stocking the Chocolate Maca flavor in addition to the Lucuma one. With gratitude and blessings for your continued success, Sarah H - LA, CA