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Raspberry Lime Fizz in glass with fruit

Raspberry Lime Fizz

Mark Malinsky
This Raspberry Lime Fizz is a great mocktail that comes together with just 5 ingredients. A scoop of our Colorfuel Immunity means you'll be hangover-free AND sniffle-free.


    1. In a bowl, muddle together 5 raspberries, the juice from 1/2 a lime and 1 scoop of Colorfuel Immunity.
    2. Strain mixture to remove seeds.
    3. Pour over glass with ice.
    4. Top with Raspberry Lime Spindrift/tonic water.
    5. Garnish as desired.
    6. Enjoy!
    Raspberry Lime Mocktail
    Raspberry Mocktail with Colorfuel Immunity
    Colorfuel Adaptogenic Drink Mix