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Butterfly Pea Tea Spritz in glass with lemon wedge

Butterfly Pea Tea Spritz

Mark Malinsky
This gorgeous purple Butterfly Pea Tea Spritz is easy to make and will be sure to wow a crowd (or yourself). A scoop of our Colorfuel Beauty means that it's packed with complexion-loving superfoods. A vibrant drink for vibrant skin!


    1. In a mug, mix together 1 scoop of Colorfuel Beauty, 2 tbsp butterfly pea flowers and 6 oz hot water.
    2. Stir and set aside to steep.
    3. Light a rosemary sprig and shake away flame after a few quick seconds.
    4. Place it on a heat resistant surface and cover it with the glass you plan to consume your spritz in.
    5. After 5 minutes, discard the spring and fill the glass with ice.
    6. Add 1 oz of agave.
    7. Fill the glass halfway with Lemon Spindrift.
    8. Remove the butterfly pea tea leaves and top off the glass.
    9. Garnish as desired.
    10. Enjoy!
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